Children’s animal shaped earphones headband. #giveaway #review

4aCozy phones are a great way to enjoy listening to music.  The company is ran by Veterans!  They offer up free shipping anywhere in the USA.

Right now, they have some of the neatest things that you can find as far as headphones.  You don’t have to worry about something plugging into your ears or falling out of your ears when you are listening to music.  They offer these for different times and activities.  One is for when you are athletic and they offer some up for when you’re asleep.  What I like, is that they offer up some for children that are designed for animals or even a smiley face.

5 This little one is the “Froggy”!  It’s absolutely adorable and fits on like a headband and it’s great for when they are active of asleep.  My children are always complaining about how it feels with earbuds or when they have the ones that go over their ears.  This is the perfect answer for that!  They don’t really do either one.  They fit on like a headband and they don’t have that worry of them falling out.  They don’t have to worry about the thing that slides over their heads sliding off and it fits snug like it’s actually hugging their heads, keeping their hair out of their eyes and back off their foreheads when it’s hot.


000This is their cute “Panda” headphones for children.  Again, they fit like the headband and don’t cause irritation in the ears from the earbuds or those rubber pieces coming off in their ears.  One of my children actually had that to happen.  That was a scary moment for me, them too.  This is a cute set that does a better job and is more comfortable to them.

The children’s headphones are normally $39.99 and are on sales for $19.99 right now.  When you visit the site, you’ll have the option for submitting your email to get a bigger discount from that.

The company allowed me to have two, the “Panda” and the “Froggy” for me to review and one of those is a giveaway!  My children get to decide which one stays and which one is given away.

They have decided to keep the “Panda” and offer to giveaway the “Froggy”.


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I received this in hopes of my honest thoughts are review.  All thoughts are my own and no other’s.  There has been no other compensation.  The prize will be shipped out via USPS within 1 – 2 weeks after the end of the giveaway.  If winner does not respond within 2 days, another will be chosen and the first winner will be withdrawn as the winner.  Anyone can enter to win as long as they are over the age of 13 and within the USA.  This post is in the guidelines of the FTC.

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