Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man

Dinosauria: Chronicles of when dinosaurs and man existed

Before reading this, remember, in Genesis, God created the earth and everything as far as water and land, heavens too.
Historical evidence shows that most of what we’ve been told is inaccurate (historically speaking).  Scientifically speaking and taking the Bible into consideration along with other facts stated in history, you’ll be surprised at what will unfold.
Did you know that the earth is completely different from when it was created?  During the Flood of Noah there were many earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and other types of catastrophes under the water that created many changes, including the Ice Age.  After the flood the climate became much colder.  Think about this: When it rains, isn’t it cooler afterwards?  After several days of rain, doesn’t it become even colder?  Imagine what it would be like after 40 days
and nights!
Now that you’re thinking about the flood, think about how we were all told that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.  Now think about the changing under the water during the flood.  There were rock slides, mud slides, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and many other quick land changing effects taking place during that time.  Rock layers changed, sediment had developed burying all the living things on land and probably many or all in the sea.  Those layers only took a short time to develop, not millions of years.  During the flood, the earth’s changes were dramatic!  The living became buried in different layers of sediment.  Some of those were very well-preserved.
In Genesis 1: 30, it states that “every BEAST of the earth, fowl of the air to everything that crept upon the earth, where in there is life; I have given every green herb for meat.” Moving back to Genesis 1:25 “And God made the BEAST of the earth after his kind, the cattle after their kind, and everything that crept upon the earth after his kind: And God saw that it was good.”
Now then, think of after the flood about the historic statements and sightings that tell of “dragons”.  Where do you honestly think these mythical creatures came from?  Are they really mythical?
Dinosaur is Greek for “terrible lizard”.  This also means that dinosaurs were called, “dragons”. The Chinese zodiac has twelve signs.  All are animals that exist today except the dragon.  Why would they include a dragon as a zodiac sign if all of the others are actually real current animals of today, if the dragon never really existed?  The have traced the meaning of the dinosaurs as dragons back over two thousand years in their culture.
During the Flood of Noah, dinosaurs also roamed the earth with humans.  Many had young and the
infant dinosaurs were put on the Ark by God.  The ones that were on land were buried by mudslides, erosion, swept up in waves and currents and then they were covered up in massive graveyards.  Unfortunate for them, the most mobile creatures were the last to be covered up.  The rock layers indicate that they were laid down quickly.  A lot of the dinosaur bones were found intact, not broken up.  They were found lying with their heads thrown back and tails curved.  This shows agonized death and lack of oxygen.
There has been dinosaur bones found that were never fossilized.  They were found in 2004.  The bones still had red blood cells inside of them.
In the book, “Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man” (this book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group) there are many well answered questions with many
facts to them.  It even goes on to tell of many “dragons” killed throughout time until the 19th century.  The author, Dave Woetzel, even goes into informing his readers of 270 cultures that tell of a massive historic flood, the name Noah, the huge Ark and even the land animals that were on board.

If man didn’t exist at the same time, why are there many artifacts with art including dinosaurs?  Why do Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Native Americans and many other cultures, up to the 19th century, display these throughout time?  What do you really think the Loch Ness “monster” really is?

Sightings of “Nessie” date back as far as AD 565.  Sonar on a boat can pick up and print out photos of “Nessie” but they are always disputed.  The last one was actually printed just last year in 20012!  If “Nessie” were really a “monster”, wouldn’t she / he have already attacked those out on the water?  Do you think that she / he are actually harmless?  Shouldn’t he/she be allowed to live peacefully and in harmony?  He / She have never done anything to harm anyone.  Humans have become corrupted over time and we’re more of an endangerment to her/him than he/she is to us.  It shouldn’t matter if he/she is a dinosaur or legend.
I’ll more than likely do more research on this and update you with all of that soon.  This blog post was originally done on May 14th (2 years before my son’s birthday) in 2013.
I do know this and hope you’ll think of this:
If Dinosaurs really existed (skeletons prove that) and God created the earth.  The earth had to be created before the dinosaurs were able to walk the earth.  We all know that people have inhabited the earth since the beginning according to the book of Genesis.  The flood is the ONLY thing that could have really wiped them out.  There is no other logical explanation, otherwise, mankind would have also been wiped out.  You, nor I, would have ever existed.
This is not a review.  These are my own thoughts and feelings from my own research.  This post does include 1 affiliate link.  If you purchase from that link, you are supporting this blog.  There has been or is no other compensation.
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