Demon’s In the Big Easy: by Jamie Marchant

As the opening of the book, a silver haired woman stood in a graveyard over her long past husband and four of her five children.  She was the only woman in the village that was able to block portals and vanquish a demon without flinching.
Cassandra stood firm and only had her twin granddaughters in her life after the loss of the children and her husband.  Her world revolved around them.
Soon she would be going through a portal to go and rescue one of her granddaughters that fell through to Earth from their on world.
She would soon find herself and her other granddaughter on Earth and tracking the twin that had fallen through.  Only the spell, seemed to have gone all wrong.  The tracking spell has her in four different places at one time: North, East, South and West of where she stood.  A homeless man lay nearby and they thought he had been asleep. The town thought that he was a crazy man; he could see demons.  Cassandra informed him that he wasn’t crazy, he was seeing them just the way that they were.  Even some of the doctors his mother drug him to were demons.
What will come of the homeless man?  Was he really seeing demons?  Will they find the lost granddaughter that fell through the gateway?
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