‘Dead Scary’ is absolutely well written and spooky.

I’ve always enjoyed books like this. It’s well written with spooky parts with adventure mixed in.

The main characters are a little boy named Adam and Edward a ghostly inhabitant. Adam has been able to communicate with the undead using telepathy for quite some time.

When Adam’s mother’s uncle passes away, they move to Australia to live in a house that she had inherited. That is when Adam meets Edward. Edward is not happy at all about the other living inhabitants that are moving into his territory. He recruits many ghostly beings to help him to rid the home of the living family. Adam is the only one that can see them, so that means that he’s left alone to fight off all o the undead by himself. No one knows of his gift, nor can they see or hear the undead like Adam.

The book is a wonderful thriller for ages 8 and up. Even at the age of 3?, I have enjoyed reading this book as well. I do highly recommend this.

I received this book in hopes of an honest review and my thoughts. All thoughts are my own and no other’s. No other compensation has been given, nor is intended. This review is in the guidelines of the FTC.  Some links in this review may also include affiliate links.

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