Day 3 of T. A. Barron Weeks – The Tree Girl

Photo compliments of T. A. Barron
Day 3 of T. A. Barron weeks
The Tree Girl by T. A. Barron is a middle school age level reading.  It was published September 24th of 2004.
The Tree Girl brings humor and wisdom together.  In every book that Mr. Barron writes, you’ll find a hero.  Our children will learn that the earth has a holiness about it.  While reading this one, his first book, they’ll also see inside of what Mr. Barron’s purpose was for writing the book.
He dedicated the book to two children that were always playing in a tree.  They have to find who they are and learn who they are to become (growing up – in other words).
While reading this one, it made me feel as though I could actually see my two eldest daughters outside still playing in their favorite tree.
I’ll never forget the first time I had bought a T. A. Barron book.  I was in a second hand store and thought about my daughter when I picked it up and see it was a Merlin story.  Little did I know at that time, that dime I spent on that book would turn into her favorite book of all time and her favorite author!   
That one dime brought my daughter to a love of reading, life, the earth and even a respect for Mr. T. A. Barron that I’d never seen in my daughter.  She was only 9 and read three grades above her level.  She has cherished that book for many years and still has it.  There is NO telling how many times she has actually read it.  She will not let anyone else use it, read it or anything and it stays in a special place on the book shelf above her desk.
One thing is certain, I’ll never regret buying her that book.  I’ll never regret that the author has turned into someone that she looks up to and would love to meet some day.  
Mr. T. A. Barron, I know you’re going to read this, so I have to say this to you:
“Thank you for being such a wonderful person and a wonderful role model for my daughter to look up to.  I thank you for sending the books for this event and for her being able to keep them.  She will always cherish them, as will I.  Many magical blessings to you on your adventures with Merlin!”

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