Day 2 of T. A. Barron Weeks

Day 2: Sept 3rd
Books that we’ll be sharing with our readers throughout the T. A. Barron Weeks:
The Tree Girl
The Hero’s Trail (A Guide for a Heroic Life)
Merlin: The Book of Magic (The Ultimate Guide to the Merlin Series)
Merlin: Book 1: The Lost Years
Merlin: Book 2: The Seven Songs
Merlin: Book 3: The Raging Fires
Merlin: Book 4: The Mirror of Fate
Merlin: Book 5: A Wizards Wings
We’ll also go into telling you about Mr. Barron, things that he does to support the younger generation and what his messages are about.
We’ll even post a full list of all of his published books for you to check into and links to where they can be purchased!
Can’t wait for day 3!

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