Daughter of a Rose Gift Baskets

Located online and Atlantic City, New Jersey

Daughter of a Rose Gift Baskets makes the pretties, most filled and loving gift baskets I’ve ever had the blessings of receiving.  They cater them to be the best baskets you’ll have the opportunity to purchase for a loved one.

The basket that was sent, the owner allowed for an extra that is purchasable on site to be added to the gift basket.  My mother’s Birthday is two days after Valentines Day and included in her basket was the cutest Birthday Bear that plays music.  He’s holding a cute Birthday cake that is also stuffed and you press the front of the cake to have it play Happy Birthday.
(Her most prized treasure from her gift basket.)

Daughter of a Rose also does the prettiest bows, added cellophane bag to the outside and made a tiny slit to where the Birthday bear’s head would slightly stick out looking at the person that receives the basket.  They included flowers (different types are available).

Included in this one: The Snack Indulgence
The cutest milk chocolate candy bar for endangered species.
Notice the cute little fur baby on the package.
A wonderful thing for an animal lover too.
They use mostly gourmet types of chocolates and edible foods.

Here is another view of the basket from another side.  You can see the bear from the side view.  You can also see the goodies sticking up from inside.  It was full of all sorts of chocolate and perfect for Valentines Day and for a chocolate lover.

This is the back of the basket.  You can see more goodies, the flowers that were decorating it.  The basket is a sturdy reusable metal basket.  Perfect for storing fruit or any other type of treasured item in.
Daughter of a Rose Gift Baskets are wonderful and do a really wonderful job when they put these together.  They are made upon order and items are carefully chosen to create your basket with a loving hand and care.
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