Darn Good Staples for Landscaping

These are great!  They are landscaping staples.  #DarnGoodStaples I have absolutely got to share what these things can do.  I will say that these are not little and are heavy in a small box when it arrives.  They are 11 gauge and measure 6 inches long.  They are made of metal steel.

I was told that these could be used for holding down the screen that you apply to the ground before adding the potting soil to your flower beds.  That isn’t what we used these for though.  When we got to building a large pen for our dogs to run and not have to worry about them actually getting out on the highway in front of our house, we figured out that the normal staples from a staple gun didn’t hold as the dogs are huge.

When our dogs stand on their hind legs they are around 7ft tall.  Their paws are larger than our hands!  So I guess you can just imagine the size of our dogs.  NO those staples wouldn’t hold.  Not even for a minute.

So we used these and hammered them into some posts that were taller than we are.  By doing this, it held to where it wouldn’t come lose when they leaned against it.  There was no way that the fence would budge with these babies.  I have to say that this was the best investment (review) that came through at the right time.

They have been enjoying their “Run Pen” since then.  It was well worth the time and they enjoy every day that it don’t rain out there running and chasing one another all over the back yard.  If you have large dogs, I highly recommend that if you want them to be able to be out when it don’t rain and not escape, these are perfect.

This is a honest review of my own thoughts.  The product was received in hopes of this.  There has been no other compensation offered, intended or expected.  There are some affiliate links included in the review.  This earns a small portion of income via a small percentage.  By purchasing through those links, I will earn to help support this blog and my family.  This post is also in the FTC guidelines.

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