Dark Discoveries Magazine

Looking for a cool full colored magazine that covers mystery, fantasy and horror?
Dark Discoveries is filled with all of these.  Inside of this full colored magazine are some really awesome short stories full of excitement, action, fantasy and mystery.  You’ll also find some serious book reviews on these types of books that are written by some of the greatest authors, fiction and non-fiction alike.
Dark Discoveries also has a unique article in Issue #23 about the “Dark Horse Comics” covering Hellboy and Abe Sapian.
One of the short stories is “Like Part of the Family” by Jonathan Maberry.  It’s full of creepiness, distress from a divorcee and full of fantasy creatures.  Werewolf Detective protects his clients as they are his own family and his pack.  
Jonathan Maberry also wrote, “Bad Moon Rising”.  The book won the “Stoker Award”.
Inside this issue of #23, you’ll also find a list of Bram Stoker Award Winners.  You’ll also find the information on Horror Writers Association and how to join.
This issue was sent by Dark Discoveries and has been really great to read and go through.  I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s close to time to start my next book to hopefully be a winner compared to my last one that was written to help put my daughter through college.  Unfortunately it was a immature attempt on basically writing for her enjoyment.  I’ll be looking for tips from the #23 and hopefully #24 issues of Dark Discoveries.

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