D’ OR 24K Prestige Non Surgical Lifting Innovation Review

Since finding out that my high school reunion of 20 years is upon me, I have been looking nonstop for something to literally make the wrinkles go away. I am not one for spending loads of money on facial reconstruction. Another thing that I can’t stand is thinking about someone cutting on my face. I’ve seen photos of things that could make your skin crawl and cause more wrinkles in the process.  I found D’ OR 24K Prestige!

When I got to looking, I found an almost instant alternative to the Botox and surgery. It’s not your everyday cream that you apply and have to wait weeks to see a difference. This one is something that you can see it almost instantly. D’ OR 24K Prestige is a non surgical lifting innovation that is made within the USA. It comes in what looks like a syringe with .5 ounces of some very potent cream. It doesn’t take much to apply and has a lot of power to it!

Before D’ OR 24K Prestige you can see the lines under the eyes. Unfortunately, the ones next to my eyes would not show up on the photos.

I decided to give this a try. When I did, I am so amazed with the outcome of it. I could feel this working and tightening. It doesn’t burn or have any pain to it. There are no surgical procedures that you have to prepare for. You get the results within a matter of seconds.

You take one squirt out of the tube and it works for 1/4 of your facial area. I’ve used it several times now. Every time, it’s never failed to do what it’s intended to do. I still feel the tightening and everything right now. It’s been about 3 hours since I applied the last application. I love how it feels, makes me look and also how it doesn’t cause any skin reactions. My skin is very sensitive too.

For anyone that is having a high school reunion, going to somewhere that is formal or even out on a date for a late night gathering with friends, this is an awesome thing to use. Even they will notice the difference. It works that well.

My eyes normally have what looks like bags under them due to lack of sleep and chasing five children almost constantly. I have stress lines. My eyes normally have what are known as “crows feet”. After applying the D’ OR 24K I have not seen any of them!

This is after D’ OR 24K. The lines under my eyes are gone. You can’t see the lines next to my eyes in the other one either, but it looks better than it did.

My own thoughts consist of wanting to keep this in my pocket constantly. I’ve actually made a little place in my vehicle for it. That way when I’m out and know that I’ve got somewhere important to go and people to meet up with, I can apply it quickly.

D’ Or 24K Prestige is in a tube that looks like a syringe. It is a creamy texture that is easy to apply.

Here is one that I do suggest: When you apply this, go in small circles up your facial features starting at the bottom and work your way up. Gravity has caused those lines and if you push them up, you’ll see a better result of the finer skin that you were with many years ago. By going upwards, you’re decreasing that gravity and those lines. As it dries, you’ll notice the tightening. I done mine and continued those motions until I knew that it dried.

Leave us some comment love and tell us what you think of our results with D’ OR 24K! Do you think it’s something that you’d enjoy using?

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