Creative BioScience Update 1!

For all of my readers that have been following along, you know that I took a 90day weight loss challenge.  Well, the Creative BioScience is doing awesomely wonderful.
Not only did it flush all of the retaining water that was in my body, but over a couple of weeks it even lowered my blood pressure!  I’d been having issues with being addicted to food, now I can’t eat very much at a time.  Splenda said that it does this… I’ve used Splenda… it DON’T work!  This stuff curves your cravings, appetite and even flushes retaining fluid that your body holds!
I can’t wait to weigh and see how much I’ve already lost.  Just before this arrived, I had hit the 207lbs mark.  My lower back doesn’t even hurt as much as it did!

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