Cramped and Claustrophobic? Improve Your Home Instead of Moving!

Cramped and Claustrophobic? Improve Your Home Instead of Moving!

When we start running out of room at home, it’s tempting to want to jump ship- sell up and find something more spacious. After all, living in a cramped and claustrophobic environment isn’t healthy and can make things stressful for everyone living with us. However it’s not the only way, and in some cases it could be better to extend and improve your home instead. Maybe you’re attached to your property and would be sad to leave it, or maybe it’s in a good location for your children’s schools, your work and close to friends and family. Perhaps making changes could hugely boost the value making them a worthwhile investment. Either way, if your home is too small but you don’t want to move- here are your options.


Extend Outwards

One of the most effective ways to add square footage to a property is to extend outwards. A single or double brick built extension would give you more living space downstairs, with an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Alternatively, something like a conservatory or an orangery would work too.

Extend Up or Down

Above our head and below our feet in the home there’s tons of unused space that’s just dying for someone to see its potential. If you don’t have the space to extend outwards, forwards or backwards then an attic or basement conversion could add another bedroom and bathroom to the home- which in some cases might be all you need. Maybe your children are getting too old to share and so you need another bedroom. Perhaps you’ve started working from home and need your own office, or maybe something like a teenage hangout in the basement would take the pressure off feeling cramped in the living space downstairs.

Add an Annexe

Unlike an extension or conversion which adds an extra room to the property, an annexe will add a completely separate living space. They’re adjoined to the main home, but can be built with their own separate entrance, kitchen and bathroom so in many cases are completely self contained. One reason you might consider having something like this built is if you’re taking on an elderly or disabled relative. With cases of nursing home abuse lots of families are reluctant to move their loved ones into this kind of accommodation, but lots of people don’t have the additional space they need to care for them in their home. An annexe allows the person you’re caring for to keep their independence while you’re right there if they need you. Annexes can also be useful for older teens or grown up children who want their space but don’t have the abililty or inclination to move out of the family home right away. Annexes can be great as guest suites when you have people over too, and can even be let out as an AirB&B when they’re not in use.

There are lots of ways you can make your home bigger to suit your growing or changing family. You don’t necessarily have to look for a bigger house.

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