Parents co-sleep with their children ~ advice

How to co-sleep with your child

According to the latest research, over half of moms and dads in the United States co-sleep with their
babies. Even though the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends parents not to sleep in
the same bed with their gorgeous babies, the vast majority of families do just that. In fact, this trend is
rising in 2017.

With more and more cases of infantile deaths due to co-sleeping, it is extremely important to ensure
that your baby is safe when sleeping with his parents. Whether he sleeps only with you, with your
spouse or with the both of you, it is your responsibility to make sure he gets the best sleep possible
while being safe from harm.

Thus, as a parent, it is imperative to be aware on how to co-sleep with your baby. Your little one is
fragile and you wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt him. Here are 7 tips for creating a safer sleeping space
for your baby.

Sleeping Position

Place your baby on the back: this is the recommended position for sleeping for various reasons: you
don’t want your baby to fall off the bed, you need it to breathe comfortably, and you want to have
access to his face.

Sleeping Beds

Ensure the mattress is firm: do not put your baby on a pillow, waterbed mattress, sheepskin or any
other similar surfaces. A foam mattress is highly recommended here. If the mattress is not firm, you
could accidentally tumble over and land on your baby. Or at least one of your hands could, and that is

Ensure good sleeping environment

Remove any loose pillows, soft blankets or stuffed animals, especially if they are in the proximity of your
baby’s face. It is imperative to ensure that your baby will get a good night’s sleep without the risk of

Examine Perimeter

Check the perimeter: unfortunately, there are many cases of infantile deaths in adult beds. Most of
them are due to the baby getting sandboxed between the sleeping surface (mattress) and a hard surface
in its proximity. Make sure there is no wall, piece of furniture or headboard around your baby before co-
sleeping with him.


Position of child while sleeping

Ensure your baby is located in the right position: the best position for your baby to sleep is on the side of
the mom, as she is usually more responsive and more aware of the surroundings. Never put your baby in
the middle or on the father’s side

Stop Smoking

Do not smoke or drink: smoking or drinking is prohibited when co-sleeping with your little one. Drinking
and smoking are a major risk for your infant, both during the pregnancy and after it. We don’t even
need to talk about drugs, which are strongly prohibited. Remember, drinking or getting stoned can make
you less responsive and unable to control your movement while sleeping. If you want to protect your
baby, give up these bad habits completely.

Use Bassinet or Crib

Go for a bassinet instead: of course, you could remove all worries regarding your baby’s safety while
sleeping by choosing a bassinet or a crib. There are thousands of amazing bassinets for your baby
available online, so you can choose the best model that complements your room décor and fits your



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