Choose To Be Nice Review

Photo by Choose To Be Nice
“Newly launched, Choose To Be Nice is a movement to inspire and encourage kindness. When we slow down and recognize what is nice in ourselves we influence others to do the same. Our goal is to build a community of nice people online who will share what they do on a daily basis to be nice. To kick start the movement, Choose To Be Nice has created t-shirts with the Choose To Be Nice logo. T-shirts are high quality; made by American Apparel. Ten percent of all sales will go to non-profit organizations whose values align with Choose To Be Nice. ” by Dina Creiger

These tees are very comfortable and make you feel special.  You are nicer to other people and help when you see that you can.  We all need a little more “Nice” in this world.  Why not start by getting others to be nice as well.  It’s amazing how different people seem to act when they see you wearing these tees.  Not only do you feel like a nicer person, but others around you seem to be nicer to you and around you.  It’s amazing to me how much difference one shirt can make!

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