Child’s Clothing Club!: Earn FREE Clothing

You’ll receive six brand new items of kid’s clothing shipped right to your doorstep. Each month we will select three items from our featured brands for your box, and then you’ll gain access to our showroom where you’ll select the other three items from our inventory of Wittlebee exclusives, basics and designer apparel collections.
In addition to the monthly box of clothing, as a member you will gain access to our swap group, receive our member discount pricing on weekly sales, mystery bag sales and special deals and discounts with other companies we partner with. You can also participate in our referral program and earn credits that can be used to shop on the site..
Each month you will receive 6 items. The selection will sometimes include sets and will have a mix of tops and bottoms. Please note, accessories do count as an item. We are also testing out a limited offering larger 10 split box for families with multiple children.
We offer a referral rewards program to our current members that is available through your Wittlebee account. For each friend who signs up through your personalized link, you will receive a $10.00 credit towards your future orders. You can earn up to 10 referrals for a total of $100.00! The referral link needs to be generated using the email address associated with your Wittlebee account in order to record the referrals. Referral credits are awarded once a month, and the credit will be given towards your future boxes.

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