Phil Wickham’s CHILDREN OF GOD Newest Release #ChildrenOfGod #FlyBy

0000The newest release of “Children of God” by Phil Wickham is a great new reason to rejoice.  To help you understand what the shouting is all about, I’m going to share some of the music videos with this post.  I’ll even tell you where to get the album, where to hear samples of the album and more.  Just keep reading for all of the wonderful information that is coming.

Phil Wickham has really maintained the feeling that you get when you watch God’s Not Dead.  Some of the music takes me  back to the day that I actually got to watch it in theaters with my daughter.  The music really opened up new doors for us and even made us see things that we had not even noticed before.  Well, this is no different than that day.  Phil Wickham has done the same with “Children of God”.  As I sit and write this, I have been switching back and forth between this and YouTube.  What amazes me, is that Phil has had some of his own things to share about this album.  I’m going to share that with you as well.

Here you go:

It’s amazing how I was writing that and had just gotten it written when I came across that.

My point is this, the music is so similar to the feeling I had when watching God’s Not Dead with my daughter and then came across this and what brought about the album.  Both have questioned “Where was God in all of it?”  At least Phil has been a true believer and never asked if he existed.  He just wanted to know, where was God in it all.

“Children of God” is an album that is mixed with upbeat music as well as relaxing music.  Some of the music reminds me of the music that Newsboys done in God’s Not Dead.  Phil, I think has got a lot of skill, rhythm and even the ability to keep you on you feet and moving to the beat.

That is the debut single off of the new album.  “Your Love Awakens Me”

My favorite song off of the album, personally, is “Better Than Life”!

For those of you that want to sample the rest of the songs on the album, you can do that here.  Just scroll half way down the page and you’ll see the play list and songs included on the album.  You can click on the numbers to the left of the title and it will allow you a snippet of the songs for your own sampling.  You can find the other songs on there … all of them actually.

You can also purchase the album on Amazon here too.  I think you’ll like the album very well.  I do.  So does my daughter’s.  Some of them aren’t into Christian music, but they love the album!  That says a lot.



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