Chew Chew the Food Chain Train: Spoiler Alert

To all parents, teachers and health care professionals this book is absolutely the best tool for teaching children about eating healthy and making it right.  It’s a darn shame that this type of thing don’t exist here.  
A set of grandparents are taking their grandchildren out to eat.  When asked what they’d like to eat, the boy responded with chicken nuggets and the girl wants fries.  The two grandparents decide they are going to ride their bikes to go out to eat.  They arrive at a place called “Chew-Chew the Food Chain Train Restaurant”.
As soon as they sit down, a small train comes chugging into the room where they are seated.  On the train, they can choose from several types of foods.  The train comes around to the tables.  The train even carries the plates and utensils.  From fruits, veggies and nuts, this train carries it all.  
The granddaughter then decided to have a salad with many different types of veggies and the boy decided to have a fruit salad for their meal.
This is just a way to sum it up…maybe a few spoilers, but not all of them.
I highly recommend this for those that have children that don’t want to try out new foods or will NOT eat healthy no matter what you’ve tired.  If you have to, set up a play train and put some foods on it while you all sit around the table and the train circles the middle of the table with the food on each little car.  NOTE:  Try getting the type of train that has the bowl type cars and big enough to hold a bit of each thing you’re serving that night.  Make their dinner night a bit of fun.

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