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    Groupon Savings #GrouponCoupons #Savings

    Groupon Coupon codes for Amazon Lets talk about Amazon savings and Groupon Coupon codes and how it benefits our family.  I could benefit your’s as well.  These codes are good for Canada and the US.  All you have to do is type in Amazon or where you’re looking for in the search bar and it gives you the directions to choose which country is your’s. Personally, I love saving money when it comes to purchasing something that my family needs or wants.  It’s something we absolutely have to do with 4 children that are still remaining at home.  I look for deals all the time.  It’s ironic that I also…

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    Nichole Nordeman #everymilemattered @flybypromotions @udbl

    Nichole Nordeman CD review and giveaway! Before I began this whole review and giveaway, I want to share something with all of you as my readers and followers. As most of you know, if not all, I have six children.  My four eldest are all girls.  My eldest moved to Sweden when she turned 18 and graduated.  Then, 2 years later, my then 16-year-old turned 18 just recently.  She still has one year left of high school.  My now 18-year-old also has been dating the same boy since she had turned 16, right after my dad passed away.  They are engaged to be married in May of next year. I…

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    Mandisa “Out of the Dark” CD release + #Giveaway #FlyBy

    Mandisa “Out of the Dark” album release + Win a copy of your own on CD! My favorite thing about Mandisa’s “Out of the Dark” CD, that is something that is hard to define.  I love almost every single song on this album.  There is maybe 1 out of all of the songs on this album.  I’m not really one for slow songs.  So, there is your reason why.  Those that like slow songs, may actually like the whole entire album.  To make a long story short of why I don’t like slow songs, they depress me.  I’ve had more than enough depression in my own life. She created and released…

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    DJ equipment at Guitar Center for events

    Numark DJ Equipment at Guitar Center OMG!  I found the coolest thing ever, that is if you’re into music and holding dances at the schools and places like that.  Even if you’re into being a DJ at dance clubs this thing will be completely awesome! These may not be the cheapest around, but are high quality and you can certainly make back your money for hosting dances or parties.  I’ve always wanted to personally do DJ mixing at dances and parties.  I can tell you that for this brand, this is a cheap investment for Numark at guitarcenter.com. I’m a huge music freak and this is something that even I…

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    Roland cube, check it out at Musician’s Friend

    This is an ad from and for Musician’s Friend. You can call Musician’s Friend and they will give you coupon codes.  They have many different sizes and stylish amps that I’ve seen yet to date.  The image above is my all time favorite.  It is a Roland Cube – 10GX 10W 1×8 guitar combo amp. This one amp is: Customizable for jamming and practice Big sound in a compact package You can use your phone app to customize amp types from your phone and so much more! Roland cube, check it out at MusiciansFriend.com. ___ This is a sponsored post / ad for Musician’s Friend.  All thoughts are my own…

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    2Cellos SCORE #Giveaway

    Welcome to the 2CELLOS album giveaway!  There is 1 lucky winner.  Good luck to everyone! TAKE FANS TO THE MOVIES WITH NEW ALBUM SCORE   Accompanied By The London Symphony Orchestra 2CELLOS, music’s most electric and dynamic instrumental duo, go to the movies for their new Portrait/Sony Music Masterworks album Score. Bringing 2CELLOS’ game-changing sound and style to the most popular melodies ever written for classic and contemporary movies and television. An international sensation since their unique video version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” rocked YouTube with millions of hits in 2011, the Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser have created three high-energy albums for Sony Music Masterworks. Score…

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    Somi Album #giveaway

    Somi Album giveaway for 1 lucky winner! About: Critically Acclaimed Vocalist Somi to Release Petite Afrique, Inspired by the Fate of African Immigrants in Harlem Featuring Special Guest Aloe Blacc Pulsing with Harlem’s rhythms and sonic ambiance, Somi’s Petite Afrique is an homage to her New York City upper Manhattan neighborhood, and one of the Meccas of the African diaspora. In the village of Harlem, along west 116th Street from Malcolm X Boulevard to Frederick Douglass Boulevard, African immigrants build American lives. Populated predominantly by a Francophone, West African and Muslim community, this is a strip of Harlem that locals call “Little Africa” or “Petite Afrique:” a thriving corridor of…

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    ABUC Roberto Fonseca CD 3 Winners #giveaway

      Vintage swing meets vintage Cuba with a snap of modern for a refreshing upbeat Cuban sound, in this Cd, ABUC Roberto Fonseca. Music sets our moods, identifies our ethnic self, and opens our minds. Explore your Latin side and enjoy the sound, it will have you off your seat and dancing in seconds. Cuban Jazz Pianist Roberto Fonseca, celebrates the music and musical history of Cuba on his new album ABUC. “Fonseca… has a delivered a deeply felt, carefully constructed and timelessly hip record, meant to be heard straight through.” –Billboard **** ½ “…this album is an extension of an artistic mission to transcend tradition and genre while still…

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    Guitar Center Special

    This is a BAE high-end pre-manufactured microphone. BAE Audio is known for manufacturing high-end microphone preamps and EQs that are faithful to original vintage designs from the 70s and earlier. BAE prides itself on using high-end transformers for their products, and everything is kept as close to the vintage philosophy as possible. Not only does BAE choose the highest quality components, they also insist that everything is hand-wired/soldered using discreet electronics and not economized on a circuit board. The is as authentic as you can get to the original, featuring the same St Ives (Carnhill) transformers as the vintage modules, Elma switches and Canford wire. The BAE 1073 looks identical to…

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    The Musician’s Friend

    Is your child in band this year?  Does your child have a band or are you a band member?  If so, this is the perfect music online store for you to check out.  They have everything from musical instruments to performing gear. The Musician’s Friend has constantly got great deals and even some sales going on.  Right now, due to “Back to School” they are holding a huge sales on all sorts of great instruments from woodwinds to Brass cymbals and many other things that can be very useful to teaching them to play in the school band or on stage. I actually found this site when looking for some…

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