A really fancy cat hammock for your fur baby #PetMagasinCats

Fancy cat hammock for your fur baby

Keep in mind, before I go any further, this can be for any smaller fur baby.  Your pets will enjoy the soft comfy cushion as it’s made of a soft plush like material.  The wood is very sturdy and easy to put together.

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cat hammock

This cat hammock is for those that don’t mind the motion of the back of a chair, as it too, does the same motion.  My favorite part of this is that it is actually shaped like a boat.  For a matter of fact, that motion is similar to the rocking of a boat out on the water.

The directions were not very clear.  Yet, by visual, it’s like a puzzle to put together.  The wood is REAL wood and is not the synthetic wood.  The screws only go in on one side and there are no bolts needed on the other side.  Once you get the bolts lined up and started, get them all the way through, there is a piece included in the wood that the screws fit into and you don’t have anything else that you have to put into it.  It holds them in place.

There are two hooks that you have to put in for the  cat hammock (NOTE: enter CODE: 5F2WSQO4 for 30% off) to fit into and for it to hang correctly.  There are two strings on each end that you tie to keep it from flipping over like they do in cartoons.

This cute fur baby accessory is great for cats of all sizes, small dogs or other small pets.

My daughter’s fur baby is pretty spoiled.  She also avoids the camera very well.  She was on it and as soon as she seen the camera, she darted for the door.  That photo was one that we could not get.  It would have been perfect too!  She loves her cat hammock.


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