Cancer patient needs your help!

This is my dad. I wanted to share this with you. He isn’t biologically my dad, but he’s the only dad I’ve ever known. When I was 10, he and my mother started dating. He asked for my brother and my permission to marry our mother first. He had already stolen our hearts. He’s the only man that was willing to love our mother and take us and love us as his own during those years. He has always treated us with love, respect and kindness. He’s been firm when he’s needed to be and supportive in all other aspects.

My two eldest children were abandoned by their biological father and he’s also the only father that they have EVER known. Yes he’s known as Papa, but Papa has more than one meaning. It means dad and granddad. He’s both to them, and dad to me.

Please read for more information on his situation and how you can help.

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