Bumper Wipe Clean Activities Book Review

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A really neat book that is great for children of the pre-school age and Kindergarten. The book can be written in with a dry erase marker and wiped clean with a damp rag.
There are many activities within this book for any child to enjoy.  With 72 pages for them to enjoy in color with illustrations, they will also learn of Bible stories, writing, sorting, same and different.  They will learn their way through the Bible with activities that they will enjoy many times over.  
My son is 3 almost 4 and he enjoys writing and books.  He tries to write in everything.  This one is perfect for him since he can actually write in it and it can be wiped completely clean for him to redo over and over again.  
The pages are laminated for easier cleaning.  It is recommended that they use a felt tip pen that can be dry erased.  There is a pen included.  That makes it so much easier, unless your child ends up being the drawing board, like my son.  

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