What is “Bottle Flip” game? Here is my review.

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I was wondering for quite some time what my children came home talking about.  They kept saying something about a Bottle Flip game.  Well, I automatically kept thinking of Spin the Bottle.  I guess because I’m getting old and that was the ONLY game that we played back then that consist of any type of drinking container (that was legal anyway).  There were no other games with bottles that I know of or remember.

The game consists of 2 – 6 players.  The ages are for 13 and up (13+).

bottle flip game
This is obviously a new craze!

The game consists of individual challenges.  You get to compete with others and have a face off that is face-to-face.  They can create their own challenges.  In other words, each one gets to create a new challenge using their imaginations.

There is a scoring that they can earn points to move along the board.  The do this by competing with one another or several others.

The game consists of 1 gameboard, 1 scoreboard, 1 starter bottle, 6 bottle cap playing pieces and 120 game cards.

If you think that you have what it takes or the skills to be a flipping champion, why not give this a go.  It’s a game being played by many in the middle schools and the high schools around here.

Bottle Flip Game

The game is $24.99 on Amazon Prime right now.



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