Borax 20 Mule Power

Don’t let this box fool you!
It’s way more than a detergent booster!
This stuff can clean ravioli out of stained bowls if done just right.
It boosts cleaning effect of your dish detergent.
It can remove kool-aid stains from your counters.
You can use it to make crafts with the children.
It makes your clothes whiter.
Odor controls in fabric and other places.
Works great in the dishwasher.
Removes grime, grease and great for cleaning the bathroom.
It can remove mold, cleans great around the tub and commode.
It works great for tile, ceramic, porcelain, slate and many other types of surfaces.
The list for cleaning with this is almost endless.
I use it in the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, laundry and it is safe for skin and doesn’t harm your hands.  It’s natural cleaner that was found in California where one of the world’s largest deposits was found in 1913.  They wash it, dry it out and package it for us to use.
They add NOTHING to this.  My great grandparents used this, my grandparents, my parents and I have used this for many different things throughout my life.
NOTE:  It also kills roaches!
I held a contest at a local event and one lucky lady by the name of Mae Bell got to go home with two boxes for her own home!  Congratulations to her on winning!

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