Bookroo: A children’s book box of board books.

Since the day my son was born, I have enjoyed the time we spend together reading. We started with classics – Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Night after night we enjoyed watching things slow down in the great green room as I prepared to lay my own little guy in his crib. Or we counted together the holes left where a little caterpillar had eaten his way through some very yummy treats, including a piece of chocolate cake, an ice-cream cone, and a pickle.

Soon we were ready to branch out to new stories. Fortunately, we stumbled across two very enjoyable reads: one about a little blue truck truck with a friendly horn and another about a pouty fish–namely, The Little Blue Truck and The Pout-Pout Fish. Together we laughed, or at least I did, when the pout-pout fish discovered his true identity. And when my son got his first toy truck, you can bet it had big important things to do.


My son is now almost three, and the quiet moments we get to spend reading together before bed are still cherished moments of the day. By reading time, all our worries and concerns for the day are through. Baths are finished. Teeth are brushed. Prayers are said. (Yes, work may be waiting for me in the other room, but it can wait for a few minutes.) For now it’s just time for the two of us to spread out on our bellies under our reading lamp and explore beautiful, wonderful new worlds together.

That’s where our new startup, Bookroo, comes in. As much as much as we enjoyed those early classics we read together, new reading material helps keep our routine interesting and exciting. While my son still cherishes some of his favorite stories–as do I–Bookroo has done so much to expand our reading library.


Each month, Bookroo sends children a box containing either 3 board books or 2 picture books. Each book is individually wrapped in delightful wrapping paper, so children excitedly watch for their monthly Bookroo box delivery. And with a monthly cost as low as $17.50, Bookroo is a fun yet affordable subscription.

For me and my son, that means that each month there are new characters to discover, new lessons to learn, new adventures awaiting. It’s truly a win-win. First, he’s eager to read his new books each month, which has helped us develop a very good routine of reading together every night. Second, adding new books to his collection has kept reading time interesting and fun for both of us. Some nights we fall back on our classics, and other nights we enjoy new stories, many of which also soon become our favorites.

If you’re looking for an exciting, affordable, and convenient way to expand your child’s book collection, Bookroo has the answer. And right now, we’ve partnered with Lia and Bit O’ Everything to provide an exclusive discount for you: you’ll save $4 on your first Bookroo box you use this link (discount will automatically be applied at checkout).

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