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What do you know about blogging?  Well, here is my idea to throw out there and what I’ve learned over the past months (not sure how many but close to three).

Ok, so I’ve been really thinking for a while now.  I’m not sure how many of the other bloggers out there will agree, but there are some major irritations about blogging that have got to be put out in the open about what we do and what we’re worth.  Yep, there are blogging irritations.  Here are a few of my own irritations.

Not all of those out there think this or do this.  However, if you’re going to contact a blog, don’t always expect them to do things for FREE.  We use our blogs as a source of income that helps us to support our families or even how we make a living.

My dad always said, “You have got to spend money to make money.”

I get emails for “guest posts” and they don’t want to pay for it to go up on my blog.  I do the promoting of it, social shares, SEO work and such.  But when they say that they don’t want to pay or no thanks, they move on and so do I.  NO big deal!

Today, I got an email from, well, I’ll call him Mr. Duhh.  Well, Mr. Duhh wants me to put up a guest post on my blog and he wants me to PAY him or do it for FREE.  Ok, let me explain something here.  It’s my blog, it’s going to be posted on MY blog.  Mr. Duhh thinks that I am going to just post something and he’s not going to pay for my time, work, social reach or anything.  I’ve worked pretty hard over the last few months to build it up and get it to where it is today.  I get over 7,000 page views a month (as of now).  Those are increasing drastically as the days go on.  3 months ago, I was lucky if I got 400 page views in a month.

Well, if Mr. Duhh wants his articles to reach anywhere, he’s going to have to pay at least $50 (which is it’s worth a lot more than that according to Socialbluebook.com.  Keep in mind, the image below does not include the SEO work that I put into this or promoting it.  This is not all it consists of as there are also images that have to be included, more than stated, images in the social shares, etc.




I know I’m not one of the top blogs out there.  That would take me a really long time to get to that point, as some of those have been blogging a lot longer than I have been.  However, with that said, I would seriously like a little consideration for when someone contacts me.  I don’t want to work for FREE.  I do have a family to support, same as those that work for the company that is asking me to do the work.  I have five children to support, bipolar issues, fibromyalgia, fracture in my tailbone and I really just wish that they would understand this before contacting.

Yes, sometimes I will do it if the product is right.  Yes, I would sometimes if it were something that my family needed or would make a great gift for them on a holiday.  A lot of blogs out there are worth a lot more than just a product.  We work hard, even if we are at home or sitting on our rumps.  We put in a whole lot of effort to get things just right for our clients and our readers.

Note: Just because a blogger is at home and on their rumps when they are typing, it doesn’t mean that they are just sitting there all day long.  We keep the house up, do the shopping, take care of children, school activities, etc.  The myth of “lazy” is so OVER rated.

My point is this:  If Mr. Duhh wanted to put up a guest post on my blog, he could have at least considered when I put in that attachment (the image above).  His response was: “I have those same stats on my blog.  I will NOT pay for you to use my guest post.”  (See EDITED below this.)

Seriously?  I just sent you the quote.  My thought to respond, but didn’t due to wanting to continue on professionalism, “If you have the same stats, then put it on your blog.  Then it won’t cost you.”

My expenses as a blogger:

  1. Hosting
  2. URL or renewal of URL
  3. Hootsuite for me to schedule out social shares
  4. Photo editing platform
  5. Prizes for blog giveaways and blog hops (unless sponsored by a client)
  6. Gleam
  7. IZEA
  8. Advertising (Facebook)
  9. Internet
  10. Phone
  11. Cell phone
  12. Shipping (prizes)
  13. Electric that is used during the time of the post
  14. Gas to go to the store to obtain items for blog post or to attend an event
  15. Camera or phone for use of business (either for clients to call me or to use for photos).  I do not like to give out my home phone due to the children actually answering the phone.
  16. I also pay extra for a special SEO plugin that helps to create the best SEO post that I get it to be.  Yes, I pay extra for the plugin.  There is a free version of it, but you only get to use it to a certain extent.  I wanted better for the blog and my clients, so I pay more to do that.
  17. When I do decide to hire a VA, and do sometimes, that is another expense and also can eventually kick you in the rump.

All of these things are considered due to being a tax deduction as a blogger and those are fees out of our (my) pocket.  I’m sure some of the other bloggers have more than just that.

These are the things we, bloggers, have to consider.  If it’s just a hobby or they are looking to score freebies, then they may not ask for payment.

Bit O’ Everything is NOT just a hobby.  I do it because I cannot physically or mentally work a public job due to nerves and other issues (listed above).  Just because a person looks like they are healthy, it doesn’t mean that they are.  Sometimes their illness is not seen by the eye.

Point on this post:  Never contact a blogger thinking you’re going to score a FREE promotion on their blog.  Always keep an open mind as they, too, have families that they need to support, bills to pay, auto repairs and the list keeps going.  That also includes the expenses that they are paying to keep their blogs up and running to promote what items or businesses that you’re needing help to get the word out about.



My husband and I have six children (5 are still at home), 1 auto, 1 cell that I use for business or for if the children get sick and I have to go to town to pick up my husband from work.  I have more medical issues than you can possibly count.  My 18-year-old daughter is also bipolar.  My soon to be 16-year-old daughter is a trouble maker with depression.  I have a 13-year-old daughter that can cook like a champ and helps around the house and shows more responsibility than any child that is 12 and will turn 13 in July of 2017.  I have a 7-year-old son that is allergic to red oak, white oak, (what we southerners call) cat tails (it’s a plant), mold that develops on fruit and something that is in the winter air.  We have to watch closely what he eats and if there is fruit anywhere in this house, we have to watch it like hawks.  My 20 month old has to have me to be a child care provider since there is NO way to afford child care for all of these children.  I can’t trust the 16-year-old because of the two reasons above.  I don’t have anyone else that can watch and take care of him either due to his own medical sensitivities.  My ex comes over every week to take off our garbage as we have no way to do that due to where we are located, no trailer or hitch and he comes to see the 2 girls (16 and 13).  Our rent, well, that is paid by the grace of a man’s good heart that cares.  We can’t even afford that.  (Please do NOT feel sorry for us.  We’re happy and doing the best we can.  We have each other.)


I do know that since Jenny Melrose, a lot of bloggers wised up and realized that their worth something, even if just a little here and there.  Some realized that they were worth a whole lot.

Please, the next time you contact a blog, contact them with an open heart and mind.  Don’t contact if you can’t afford to spend even $10.  I know my quotes are expensive and I don’t charge those quotes.  I do work for a fee or a really much-needed product.  If you think you can’t afford to pay me, you’ll never know unless you email me.  I know what hard times are.  I’ve lived them for well over 20 years.  (I have a total of 6 children.)  If you want to work with me, we can work on any price to fit your budget.  (Keep in mind, I don’t know if other blogs are willing to do this, but you never know until you try.)

If you’re a blogger, what are your irritations as a blogger?  What do you think?



The person that is spoken of above, is trying to pass himself off as a VA.  This VA has access to several of other people’s accounts.  By doing so, he is posting comments that are rude, lies and obnoxious.  I had to cut off the comment section when I realized this and doing research on this man.  He’s an author with almost NO following.  He also tried to tell me after he said his following was the same as mine, that he has “over 20K followers on several social media sites, but what does he know”.  Only to be researched and see that even as a VA he don’t have but maybe right at 150 FB followers, if that.  He doesn’t have anywhere near the 20K that he claims to have.  He’s using other accounts where he’s been allowed to guest post to post on other blogs with whatever comments that he wants.  He’s using the blogs to post “guest posts” for other people with links to things that will earn him money and for them to pay him for posting it.  He also targets those that are in the FB group (can’t tell which yet until I get permission from admin).  When he does, he goes through the website and gets the person’s email.  He emails them for the “guest post” and then when you turn him down, he goes for the VA (Virtual Assistant).  When I told him that I could work something out, he replied back, yet rude again.  He called me a “Pain in the a@@” and said for me to not message him back again AFTER I had already asked him to do the same thing and to leave me and my blog alone.  He would not leave well enough alone.  So, I forwarded his emails to another lady to look at and she done some research for me (and I didn’t even have to ask her to).  (Thank you by the way and you know who you are!)

I realized that he was using other accounts where he had guest posted on blogs and commenting with several of those on my blog when he tried to pass himself off as a VA.  He also didn’t realize that I had caught the fact that one of the blogs he commented with were very sweet people and don’t comment in that manor.  They also don’t use the writing technique that he does.  I noticed that the technique was pretty much his and not the other person’s.  I do pay attention to this!  I had to learn to for many different reasons.  Another thing that I had noticed was that his VA was not very well heard of and the site had hardly any posts on it.  I looked at other things that I found and another lady found on him, and NONE of it added up or looked good for him.  She found ALL of his social media links and those stats are below (without names or links).

This man is NO professional.  I told him why I took offence to it and why I thought his rude remarks were wrong.  He then in turn made a post on a blog that has little (IF ANY) traffic other than the FB group.  His post consists of “Don’t waste money on guests posts, yadda yadda ydda”.  He’s telling everyone that they should NOT pay for guest posts.  “It’s a waste of money.”  Well guess what?  He’s not really reliable when it comes to knowing if it is or not considering that he’s not been doing this very long and obviously not very polite or professional.  He has no following, and I am going to include his stats without links:

Twitter – 3 followers
Facebook – 32 followers
Google+ – no page
(name removed) Google+ – 881 followers
Instagram – 460 followers
His personal website (removed link)
Twitter – 20.3k followers
Facebook Page – 2,235 likes
Google – 247 followers
Pinterest – 426 followers
He has 1 social media site that has over 20K following.  This is for FREE books, not VA or anything else.
Not to mention that I have MORE following than that (except the 20K).  But then again, who don’t love FREEBIES, especially books!?
I still don’t understand why lie to someone.  It only makes it worse!  Just tell the truth and you’ll get further.  My dad always told me, “Don’t lie to cover up or get what you want.  You’ll have to tell another lie to cover that one up and another to cover it up and it keeps going.  By the time you tell all of those lies, you’re already busted and it’s pointless.  You’re already in more trouble or hot water than you were before you ever started.”  So, since my dad’s words of wisdom stuck all of these years, I don’t lie.  It’s not worth the pain, stress or even the headaches.  With that said, I have some that love me endlessly and some that hate me because I tell them exactly what I think and when.  I don’t hold back.  Yes, I am bipolar, but I am not that kind where you blow up and things blow up around you and end up shattered in a million little pieces.
Any who:
Bloggers BEWARE!  Check out the VA you plan to use before you agree to ANYTHING!  Ask for references, emails of the references, social links and sites to the references, contact them directly and not through social media pages.  If he is passing off to be a VA, he will have access to fan pages and things like that, including groups.  That allows him to answer and check messages.  If it’s on Twitter, look for another way to contact the person he’s using for a reference.  Go to the site and look for an email and email them directly.  Do NOT do it through the site email or form submission.  That gives him access to that as well.
Again, I have turned off commenting to block this person from causing any more harm or damage to any other blogger, especially myself.  I have also took the liberty of removing the ability for him to email me to protect myself.  I have got 1 witness that I forwarded all of the emails to.  This covers my butt along with having a witness in case he tries anything else.  (My 4.0 GPA in criminal justice just might be paying off.)
I also suggest that if you want to know more, you may email me at inquire@bitoeverything.com.  I will let you know more of the situation and also how to protect yourself from this man.  He’s trying to make money from bloggers that he’s not really helping.  YOUR blog is NOT worth losing, having your pages deleted by social media sites, having a lawsuit slapped on you or anything of that nature.  I do NOT suggest working with this man and he CAN cause issues!
I hope to hear from other bloggers.  If you’ve had issues with things like this, please share them so that I can get the word out and help all of the bloggers to protect themselves and also to keep our good names!



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  • liaburres

    No one said it was FREE content. I never said it was FREE content. And if you will also consider this, I’m NOT the only person that does not want to post FREE content on my blog. I have more expenses than what are up there in that post. I can’t afford to pay for any other fees and that includes a guest post. Yes, some do want US to pay them for the content. I am simply stating what I believe and what other bloggers have agreed on. I do not want this to be something that turns horrible. But I am NOT going to pay for something to go on my blog and it already costing me an arm and a leg. I’ve also got six children to support, fees for this blog and only certain things that are personal. I can’t afford to PAY for content on my blog when they have the SAME following. IF he has the same following, he should have aimed for a higher following and posted on that person’s blog.
    Not to mention, even if it were a guest post, I would have paid the other blogger to post it since it is exposure to my site, my name out there and that it would help with their fees. I’m sure that there are others that would agree since they know what those fees add up to. There are NOT many blogs that are out there anymore since Jenny Melrose hit the scene that will do it for FREE. I wouldn’t want another blogger to do it for free and I will not either.

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