Blog Update: Winners, Giveaways, Prizes and more!

I’ve been doing some updates on the blog.  Some of the side bar buttons, links and images have been changed or removed.
There are also details on giveaways on the “Our Giveaways” link tab at the top of the site where you can view ALL of our giveaways and we try to keep those current.
Our winners page holds all of those that have won prizes.  Please check this often to see if you’ve won anything.  Some of you are not getting the messages when you win and not responding, there is no way to get in touch with you if you don’t use the correct email when you enter.  This is how you’re notified and without it, you’re losing your prizes.  After one week, we draw new winners.
If any of you won an audio book CD and would rather have the print books, feel free to ask and we’ll let the sponsor know this.  She said she didn’t mind sending out the printed version of the books.
Also, if you’d like to engage in more of our posts, reviews and updates, be sure to subscribe to us on Examiner!   You can also subscribe to those feeds, which also gets a weekly post of updated giveaways, contests and savings  —> CLICK HERE  <—
Feel free to list your own giveaways on the giveaway page with the small form at the bottom provided for you to do so!  Its FREE!  More exposure for all of you!

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