Blog Update: Comments & Giveaways

I have had to resort to changing the comment settings on this blog.  I’m tired of the spam that has been coming through as since actually changing the settings for my readers to be able to communicate on the blog, someone (no names mentioned as I know who they are) has been spamming the blog on many different posts.  
Now, only my followers can comment and there is a captcha set up to enter when commenting.  I’m sorry for this change, but I feel that it’s best for the followers of this blog.  I feel if you’re nice enough to follow the blog, you’re allowed to comment.  The ones that were leaving spam comments were not blog followers.
I hope all of my followers will understand and hope that you’ll continue to follow faithfully.
More giveaways are coming soon for Acne treatments and weight loss along with other giveaways!

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