Blog and Pregnancy Update

First please allow me to apologize that I will not be posting anything for a little while.  My high risk pregnancy has recently taken a turn for the worst.  My blood pressure has sky rocketed, protein in my urine, the baby’s heart rate has decided to fluctuate to where it doesn’t exhilarate the way that the doctor’s want it to.  I’m already dilated to 2 and 60% effaced.

I’ve been put on strict bed rest due to the blood pressure and they may be taking the baby this coming week.  I won’t know until Monday what they are planning on doing.  I’ve spent well around a week in the hospital already.  They are trying their hardest to wait until at least 37 weeks but I’ll be lucky to make it that long.  I’m in tremendous pain from where I fell in Feb. and it’s difficult to get comfortable under any means.

IF I owe you a review, and it’s not showing up here, be sure to look on Amazon as I will be posting my reviews there to make sure you get the reviews that you need, deserve and ask for.  That part I am going to do in a little while and shortly.

I am truly sorry that it’s taken  me this long to get everything up and done.  Some will be taking me longer.  My headaches are worse than when I began my pregnancy and those are also being treated.  So far, it don’t want to give way with the pain.  According to my doctor, I’m only suppose to be sleeping, eating, showering and using the little girls room when needed.  He stated that was the only time that my blood pressure was at a safe level.

If there are any questions, concerns or anything else, feel free to send me a message, email or comment to let me know and I’ll respond to you asap.

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