Bjorn Street: Secret of the Mummy

One of histories most treasured and unknown stories of Hatshepsut.  Being the first woman to rule in Man’s history.  The tale begins at the time that Hatshepsut was born and goes to tell of her whole life.  It’s a love story, life story and history lesson all in one.  Very well written with lots of secrets told from her tomb walls.
This book tells of how she had to chose her kingdom over her true love, the loss of all of her siblings, her mother and then many years later, her own father.  She had to learn spiritual lessons, to make decisions very quickly.
There is betrayal in the kingdom as they had tried to rid the kingdom of Hatshepsut.  With the protection of the Gods, she came back and with more determination than before.  
If you love anything in history, Egypt, mysteries, love stories or even just reading… I recommend this book to a whole lot of you out there.  I couldn’t get away from this.  I love Egypt, Egyptians, Ancient History, Mummies, Tombs and the whole thing that goes along with it.
On a scale of 1-10… I give it 10+!

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