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Before Christmas I had the pleasure of buying this for my 13year old as she loves butterflies and blue. The wire is artistic wire that is copper wire and heavily coated with silver and that is a real crystal in the center that is pink.  This photo does not do the real justice even though you can still see how beautiful it  really is.

Lexi Butler does an awesome job and designs things like this one all the time.  She makes some of the prettiest and very elegant looking handmade jewelry.  She puts a whole lot of hard work into these and she never fails to make sure it is well thought out and put together for her customers.

She also made bracelets for Awareness for Autism and all sorts of other items for Awareness.  She personalizes the bracelets that she makes for awareness with silver beads that have letters on them.  You can click —> HERE <— to view them.  Lexi also makes many other types of Awareness Items for Breast Cancer, Fibromyalgia, and many others.  They are called “Bracelets of Hope”.

There is also the fact that she makes foot jewelry, ankle jewelry, hair jewelry and many other types.  Lexi is forever trying out her hand a new things to make.  She always uses the best quality items that can be found and used.

Pictures of Awareness bracelets are below review.
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