Battle Scream by Mark Romang Book Review

Photo by Mark Romang (Book Cover)
An Ex Seal is actually part of a prophecy that is only known to those that are in heaven.  As an ex Seal and part of an ancient prophecy, he will lead a resistance against Satan!  An archangel gives him a flaming sword that only he can operate and make the flames come to life.  He’s also given a pouch of manna.  Manna is something that is used to help see the spirit world.  He recruits a very few that is close and very highly spiritual to help him in his battle.  One of the few recruited was a once Olympic athlete.  Her name is Sara Kendall.  She had been leading hikes through the wilderness and helps Maddix through his journey through canyons and many other wild adventures to accomplish and defeat Satan.  
Maddix had been released from the Seals and decided he wanted to own his own church after his near death experience.  In his near death experience, he was taken on a journey to see things he’d never seen before and how horrible Satan really is.  By this, it made his decision but he didn’t know that it was a real out of body experience.  That is what leads to the church that he buys being flooded with demons.  This is what causes him to meet Gabriel the archangel that brings and gives him the manna and the flaming sword.
After being one of the best of the Navy Seals, he goes through with just a very few that join him in faith to defeat that evil demon and father of lies, Satan.  Even a fellow Navy Seal joins him and helps to obtain weapons and firepower to bring it all down.
I bought this book myself some time ago.  However, I was recently asked to do a review on this book.  I do highly recommend this book if you love reading anything about the “End Times”.  It’s very well part of the things that could come.  The book is full of action, adventure and even a very compelling and moving book.  The book is an very awesome book and I do have to say how much I enjoyed this book is indescribable compared to many others that I’ve read.  

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