Bathroom Shower Head Replacement

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I love the fact of how this is put together.  We’ve been looking for the perfect shower head to where we can redo our shower and bathroom.  We’re also going to be redoing our bathroom faucets as ours is probably as old as our home.

Which ever one we choose from the two (the top photo or the next photo), we’ve yet to make up our minds.  I guess with the baby on the way, we’re trying to make things a little more than baby oriented and parent friendly.  The shower that we have, not to mention the faucets, are no where near that.

I do know that on our faucets, that Danze is absolutely where we’re looking at first.  They have every and all sorts of different ideas and designs.  I’ve looked through the site and through the different types of faucets that they have, and they have some of the best designs and technology.

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The site has an inspiration part to it to give you ideas and inspire you to be creative.  I’ve been seeing things that I would even love to redo in my kitchen.  I love the retractable faucets that I see there.  Be sure to click on the design trends.  
One of the types of showers I’ve always wanted, but will slowly be working on between now and the time my children move out is one of the glass showers that have tile around two sides.  Something similar to this:
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Ok, so the fireplace is a little bit extravagant for my budget, but who wouldn’t love to have that!?  I’ve found loads of ideas for redesigning a lot of things in my home.  This has to be one of the main things to make it baby friendly.  That means a shower head that will stretch and reach for baby to be comfy, mom and dad to be able to enjoy a little romance and even a little bit of family life made easier.  All babies need a little bit of an easier way to shower without the water being in their face when their heads are rinsed.  This is sure to be the perfect one!
This is a sponsored post.  My payment is one of the shower heads that is shown in this post.  There will be no other compensation.  This will be a perfect start to making our bathroom baby friendly!
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