Banned Songs For Weddings Which Will Make You Sad

Banned Songs For Weddings Which Will Make You Sad


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Everyone loves a good wedding, don’t they? I personally love the atmosphere surrounding a wedding day, and for me, the evening dance floors antics are some of the best parts of the day.

It’s always funny to watch my drunk relatives dancing around to the Macarena or Valerie, and it seems like an old wedding tradition for us to listen to those golden oldies that we just wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Because let’s face it, if you were listening to the YMCA every day you would be in need of hearing protection pretty dangh soon!

But did you know that some people ban the classics at their weddings? I couldn’t imagine a wedding night without a good old jig to Cotton Eye Joe, but there are people out there who have banned these golden oldies so that we can no longer hear them on their wedding night. Here is a list of some of the top songs to be banned from weddings which will just make you feel sad…

“Cha-Cha Slide” by DJ Casper

Who could possibly not enjoy watching their gran trying to keep up with this dance like she’s in the middle of her ballroom class?

“Macarena” Los Del Rio

This song is a wedding institution alongside every other party setting you could think of. And you will always have that one person who shouts ‘HEY, MY GORILLA!’ at the end…classic.

“YMCA” by Village People

It’s one of those songs that we come out of the womb knowing the dance to, and it is one which always makes the drunk men at a wedding get up and act as camp as physically possible.

“Hokey Pokey”

This child’s classic is always a fun one to do right at the end of the night when people can hardly stand up,and it can be entertaining watching the kids show us how it’s done!

“Valerie” Amy Winehouse

This is the kind of song which makes everyone, including myself, feel like they are a professional jazz singer. We belt out the words like we wrote the song and it makes the whole wedding feel alive. So why would anyone want to ban this classic?

“Dancing Queen” ABBA

Seriously, who doesn’t imagine Meryl Streep and co singing along to this baby and get excited? This is a gem of a song and it’s a crime that anyone would ban this from their big day!

Baby Got Back” Sir Mix-A-Lot

‘I like big butts and I cannot lie…’ does anyone else have a huge urge to sing this out loud every time they hear the title? Just me? Oh well. After that infamous friends episode where Rachel and Ross sung this to their baby, this has really become a classic song for everyone when they are a little bit tipsy. It’s an awesome tune, albeit not necessarily suitable for small children.

Are there any classic tunes that you would want to ban from your wedding? I personally would just let people play all of the classics, because what’s a wedding without any of these songs playing out loud for everyone to dance along to?

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