Audio Version: Devil’s Manhunt by L. Ron Hubbard

One of the “Golden Age Stories” of all time western stories.  Strap on your side arm and get in on the manhunt.  
These old fiction stories are put into CD Audio format for all to listen to.  It’s basically the TV version without the photos and motion pictures.
Devil’s Manhunt was and is #1 in the New York Times Bestselling Author!  It’s won awards for International book.

Details of book:
Young Tim Beckdolt had been working Desperation Peak in Arizona for eight long, treacherous months before striking a rich seam of gold.
Now after three months of hard work, he’s stockpiled more than $175,000of gold ore.  His dreams of wealth are soon about to be realized, until a Swedish giant, Sven, arrive to jump his claim.  Forced at gunpoint to mine the remainder of the gold, Tim manages to escape into the wilderness nearby.  They villains then hunt him like a wild animal and he has no weapons to defend himself or food to eat.
This is a 2CD set that has a cast and sound effects.  It also contains 2 more stories: 
Johnny The Town Tamer and Stranger In Town
The CD set are approximately 2 hours long unabridged.
Visit for how to purchase.  There are many others to choose from!
These make a wonderful gift for those that don’t have time to sit and read or the blind.  My dad is blind and loves to listen to these since he cannot read or see any more.
They also give you a choice to order the Audio  version or the printed book version!  I love this choice!

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