Asylum: The Circeae Tales

   This is one of those books that you cannot get away from no matter what you do.  Trista is married to Chase and they are a member of  a group called Ghost.  She goes out on a run that was intended for her husband only to be kidnapped.  She’s held prisoner and so much happens between the time she is kidnapped and the time that Chase comes back to his right mind.  He’s then captured and sentenced aboard a ship called the Straighjacket.  They had been kept apart for so long that they lost a year of their marriage and their first anniversary.
This book is a complete emotional roller coaster ride.  You’ve certainly got to sit down and read it.  I couldn’t manage to get myself away from the computer long enough.  I might had moved about 10 minutes throughout the whole book.
I received a copy of this book for free from in return for telling them what I really think of the book.  This is one of those books that just grow on you after the first chapter.  I give it two thumbs up and a wonderful read!


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