As a Reviewer and a Writer

This is just my own thoughts about this:

But as a writer and a reviewer, I find it very distasteful that someone gets a book of any sort for review to then take and copy and paste the synopsis (description) of the story that was written by the author, copy and paste that and only that to say that they had done the review.  It’s not just distasteful but it’s also not a review.  A review should consist of their own words, how they feel about the book / item, what they like about it, their favorite part of the book along with more details.
How can anyone take and just copy and paste the synopsis and say that is the review that they were required to do?  It’s not a review folks!  (I’m a hillbilly from way back if you can’t tell!)  I also find this heart breaking as you cannot tell by just that if it was something that was a good read, something that is recommended, or even what other parts of the book consist of.  
When I write my reviews, I try my hardest to take and include my own thoughts, details in my own words, if I would recommend a book, what I like about it and everything I can think of including links to their social sites along with wherever the book is listed for sale or item.  If I’ve not read it, I will not review it until it’s been read and links are found, research is done and I’ve actually had time to sit and ask questions with the author.  Questions are not asked in the form of a review, but so that I can better understand the way that they think when they wrote the book so that I can put myself in the author’s shoes and visualize it from their eyes.  I put myself in the book as if I’m actually watching the book unfold to where I know what part is my favorite!
I know you haven’t asked for my honest thoughts on this, but as a writer I submitted my own book: Cleopatra’s Heir: The Beginning to for a review.  The first one to submit it, just copied and paste what I had written as the synopsis, no words were their own at all.  As an author, this is very upsetting and was a waist of my time along with a waist of my own money to ship the book to them and not to mention the purchase of the printed book.
As a reviewer, this is just not something I could do to another author or a company that wanted a good review or any type of review for that matter.

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