Apocalyptic Tremors

This is a book about the Bible.  A book of REVELATIONS.  This book will make you look at the book of revelations like you’ve never seen it before.
It’s not by someone that is a leader in the church, but by someone with truth faith and with a lot of understanding of the book of revelations.
C. R. Chapman has taken the time to study the Book of Revelations in depth and had the will and desire to know it better than she did to start.  She studied long and hard to be able to understand it and through faith and GOD she learned of the things that the REVELATIONS tell us of.  
The book does not tell of whom the Antichrist will be, when he will come or anything like that.  It will in turn lead you to understand it more and prepare yourself for what GOD has foretold of the forth coming.
I received a copy of this book for free to give my honest thoughts of from BookSneeze.com.
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