Amelia 1868 by Janet Kay

In Walnut, Idaho, a bride gets cold feet and leaves the alter and her groom yelling, NO!  She can’t understand why, but she’s freaking out and running as if her life depends on it.  She goes on a walkabout to get away from where she’s been living all of her life, to find herself.  She doesn’t know why, she just feels she has to leave and get away.  Taking her dog with her, they set out for the west.
As she comes to a small town, almost a ghost town, Rose (the bride that should had been), comes to a small town called Virginia City in Montana.  She can’t explain it, but she comes across the almost ghost town and feels drawn to it.
After being there, she realizes that there are paranormal experiences that are happening all around her.  She begins working for a ghost hunter and doing research for the book that they are to be writing together on the history of the town.
If you’d love to know the history, the town, the paranormal experiences, and how the ghosts are using Rose and Paul to solve some conflicts that were never finished, check out this book.  I couldn’t pry myself from it!


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