Air Adventure: Fly with L. Ron Hubbard: Review and Giveaway

This is a set of 2 air adventure Audio CD books by L. Ron Hubbard.  Making this a giveaway for lucky winner!
4 hours of entertainment from Golden Age Stories!
David Duane gave up his dream a long time ago of becoming an artist.  He was good at something else that some countries would pay big money for.  He was an ace fighter pilot for sale to any country whose business was war or politics.
David’s cold-edge takes him to Finland to combat the Russians bent on destroying a base of supplies.  His plane is shot down when his luck finally runs out with the Russians.  He finds himself in an elusive netherworld where he finds his true destiny.  
Featuring Bob Caso which has appeared in shows like 90210, Crusade, Ocean Tide and some other films and shows.
Directed by: Kelly Ward
Daredevil, Lucky Martin is a test pilot he perfected a new design that he’s sure the Navy will buy.  He’s  created a dive plane that levels off almost at the ground.  
Unfortunately, hostile foreign powers are determined to see him fail.  They want the design for their own usage.  Lucky must stay alive to outwit his enemy as he becomes almost Unlucky Martin due to almost being killed.
The multi-performance of this one was done by Kristin Proctor.  Kristin Proctor has been creating characters and acting since age 8.  She’s been seen on shows like CSI-NY, NCIS and some other shows.
Directed by: Jim Meskimen.
Writers of the Future presented by L. Ron Hubbard will be shown live on their site.
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to watch on April 14, 2013!
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