A Voice In the Night by Ernestine Dail

This is a wonderful kids book of mystery and even teaches them a lesson on aiming high for their goals.
There has been a jewelry robbery.  The investigator is aimed to get his man.  He’s the best there is and he’s not slowing down.
Brian is a teenager that is aiming high and does well in everything that he does.  His parents are encouraging and give him the best advice there is.  Never slowing down and aiming high, he enters a rap contest and wrote the song himself with the approval of his parents on the lyrics.
Josh, Brian’s friend, is also aiming high and wants to be a heart surgeon.  They have a camping trip planned and headed to stay in a cabin.
Thomas, the bully, is being framed.  He’s on the run.  Having a juvenile record, he’s scared that he’ll be blamed for the crime.
I cannot tell any more or it will ruin the idea of you or someone else reading the book.  I will say that I really enjoyed this.  It is well written and put together very well.  
On a scale of 1-5, I have to give this a 5!
Thank you Mrs. Dail for contacting for the review.  Great book!!!

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