A Fall of Silver by Amy Corwin

A Fall of Silver by Amy Corwin
The Redemption Series
Full of paranormal events and mystery included into one.  Quicksilver has a philosophy to live by: “The only good vampire, is a dead vampire!”  Events start awakening Quicksilver’s past.  She’s not about to repeat any of her past mistakes.  She has become bent on destroying all of the vampires.
Her secrets are about to catch up to her.  Someone begins killing humans and vampires.  
Quicksilver is a vampire huntress with deadly silver whips.  
This book is full of twists, turns and surprises that you certainly need to read to believe.
There is content and language not meant for under 18 or the faint of heart.
Awesome book for the vampire and paranormal lovers!
Where to find “A Fall of Silver”
Presented to me by Amy Corwin for my honest thoughts.   

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