90 Days To a Stronger Body & Deeper Connection W/ Your Daughter by Angela Parker


“Here’s a little more about Angela’s background in creating the mother daughter fitness program…
Although Angela is not (yet) a mother this book came from years of working with young girls to get them fit and lose weight. Angela discovered the missing link to helping these young women LOVE their bodies was the connection of getting fit with their mothers. It was this discovery that lead to the creation of “90-Days to a Strong Body & Deeper Connection with your Daughter.” What Angela tapped into was realizing that young girls want more than to simply be told to move and sweat. They want to be inspired and shown by their own mothers to do so. This book makes it easy for moms to get fit with their daughters and connect on a deeper level. Angela says, “This program is not just about exercise. It’s about moms and daughters actually getting to know each other better. Young girls LOVE learning that their own mom was once a young girl with fears, insecurities, dreams, and questions about life and growing up. When moms have the opportunity to share these things with their daughters… it changes their relationship forever.” words of 

Alyson Golditch

This program is excellent for girls ages 7 to 18 years of age.  Moms will connect with their daughters in a fun and healthy way.

Angela Parker is an abundantly wonderful mom inspiration to all moms out there.  She’s written a book to help moms all over develop bonds with their daughters.

All moms across the world want a closer relationship with our daughters. We want to be able to inspire them to be healthier and to become healthier outselves.

90 Days is an easy to follow, FUN and effective program of fitness that we all can enjoy.  It’s perfect for girls from the age of 7 to 18 years old.  If there are exercises you cannot do, replace it with an easier one that will still work and help you get in shape and be healthier.

There are sheets for each of you to fill out to where you both can become closer to one another, get to know each other better and it’s wonderful to see what the other one has to say.  You do these and exchange them. Workouts are at least once a week and eventually become at least two a week to three a week.  You can work around others “to do list’ and make sure it works out for all of you.

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