90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Update

As you all know (unless you recently started following me here on the blog), I’ve been taking this challenge for about 2 months now.  Well, I’ve gone down 2 1/2 pant sizes, weight has gone down and back up…however here is the reason.  This came from my doctor… The fat is going away and I’ve managed to lose weight, but my muscles are building up.  Muscles weigh more than fat.  Since losing the fat, the muscles have managed to make it look like I gained the weight back due to the fact that they weigh more than the fat.
With this said, I’ve gone down in size.  My leg, thigh and hip areas are toning up quite well.  My stomach isn’t as big as it was, but it’s still lacking a bit more to lose.  I still have a bit over a month to go with the weight loss challenge.  During this time, I’m going to be anxious to lose more and the stomach to shrink.  There is NO fat on my legs at all.  The muscles are so tight that my husband can’t even managed to pinch my leg.  It use to be where you could literally feel the fat part in the lower leg, but NOT any more!
I will say that if you’re a blogger and want to try out the 90 day weight loss challenge, you can do this for a blogging in return for the products that they offer.  I highly recommend this for any blogger to try out for now.    You can combine products to fit to your body’s chemistry.  Creative Bioscience also helps with many different issues like hormone imbalance, food addictions, etc.  I do recommend doing a toxic cleansing as it helps with losing more weight than normal.  Even while dieting, your body can be backed up while you think you’re losing the weight it can look as if you are not.  Doing a toxic cleanse is also a great way to feel better and it benefits those with Fibromyalgia.
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