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L. Ron Hubbard
A team of American Anthropologists were flown to what is now part of the Pakistan bordering Arabian Sea.  When an ancient map is discovered in an old jar, that reveals the treasure of Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was in the process of transporting it to Greece from India.  He and more than 10,000 of his soldiers lay buried in the desert plains.  Along the buried is his loot of treasures.
All are caught in the middle of the expedition where murder takes and replaces scholarship to uncover the valuable items that lay hidden deep under the land.
(This Audio also contains “Price of a Hat” and “Starch and Stripes”)
Blacky Lee, an American Arms Merchant, is wanted by the government in Europe…especially by the Nazis.  Blacky sold them dud weapons prompting his escape to the Kingdom of Aldoria.
Aldoria, many years before, was a spitting image of the country’s Prince Phillip.  Blacky Lee memorizes the archdukes voice and the family tree and impersonates the leader.  Things go well until he finds himself caught in the middle of a plot to rig elections and take over.
When bullets start flying, Eddie Moran finds himself captured by the French Foreign Legion.  When saving the men, Eddie discovers a friend.  He helps Eddie to escape with Zidan’s help, only to be later captured again.  This time he’s taken to Atlas mountain by the Black Sultan.  He’s then taken to El Zidan’s throne.  
Not only does he need to find a way out, but he’s got to save a beautiful woman that has also been captured by the Sultan.
(This Audio also includes “Escape for Three”)
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