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    Magnetic building blocks that are great for autistic children

    Geomatrix magnetic building blocks Here lately, I just found out that my son is ADHD and Autistic.  It’s not a good combination.  We’ve known for a while that something has been wrong.  Everyone kept telling us that he was Autistic.  But think, as a parent, that is not something that you want to admit to or to hear.  No one wants to admit that something is wrong with their child.  So, the therapist that we took him to to find out what is wrong due to how many times he’d been in trouble within the first two weeks of school told us to, “find something that will keep his mind…

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    Nourishing cream for men is a trending thing

    Baldwin Nourishing Cream for men This post may contain affiliate links to help raise money to support our blog. I know all or most women are worried about the aging in our skin, especially our faces.  I know that I am.  Well, so are some men.  We have husbands that are worried about looking old and married or dating women that look like they are their children.  People look at them weird and wonder “why are they robbing the cradle”.  Yes.  I have heard this on many occasions.  The good news is, they have a nourishing cream for men that is like an anti-aging cream. Baldwin Men’s Nourishing Cream is…

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