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    Guitar Center Special

    This is a BAE high-end pre-manufactured microphone. BAE Audio is known for manufacturing high-end microphone preamps and EQs that are faithful to original vintage designs from the 70s and earlier. BAE prides itself on using high-end transformers for their products, and everything is kept as close to the vintage philosophy as possible. Not only does BAE choose the highest quality components, they also insist that everything is hand-wired/soldered using discreet electronics and not economized on a circuit board. The is as authentic as you can get to the original, featuring the same St Ives (Carnhill) transformers as the vintage modules, Elma switches and Canford wire. The BAE 1073 looks identical to…

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    I Love You Just Because by Donna Keith

    Because I Love You I love you One of the cutest board books that I’ve seen or came across.  It’s about four little bears and how they are loved, no matter how different they may be.  They are loved unconditionally.  They consist of one brown bear, one panda bear and one polar bear.  Both parents are brown bears. Each little bear wants to know why they are loved so much, even though they are completely different on the outside.  They want to know why they are so loved even though they are adopted. Adoption doesn’t mean that they are loved any differently than other children are.  Being adopted doesn’t make them…

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