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      These are every day cotton pads, also known as changing pads.  I don’t personally use mine for this.  I use mine for that and then some.  I even use mine for my son when he sleeps to have something soft to lay on besides the mattress.  It goes in under his sheet. I also use mine for our small dog to have something soft to sleep on when he won’t sleep on the other things that we lay down.  He chooses these over other puppy beds and blankets. This is a blogger opportunity for them to get in on the giveaway.  Enter your information below. Loading… Spread the love         

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    Would a Worm Go on a Walk? #FlyBy #wormonawalk #Giveaway

    Would a Worm Go on a Walk? This is a really cute book.  I have to say that I find that the illustrations and the story are perfectly written and drawn.  There are quite a few details in these even if it is in cartoon characters. It doesn’t just talk about a worm.  It actually covers rhinos, lions, piglets and several of the other animals that are adorable.  It includes a few other characters too, but that will be the surprise.  At the end, it also tells a child about them.  It’s really a great spirit lifting book for a child.  It will help them with the self esteem building…

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    Bible Belles: Esther, the Belle of Patience #FlyBy #BibleBelles

    Bible Belles is a great story set for all younger girls and boys too, for them to learn. Bible Belles: “Esther, The Belle of Patience” tells of a young girl that is on a soccer team and that she wants to say something about the one team player that will not let the other players share in the glory of playing out of the field.  She has a fairy friend that teaches her and guides her in the times that she needs guidance. Her little fairy friend takes her on a journey with Esther of the Bible.  She sees how things were then, how Esther believed and trusted in God.…

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    KidloLand app for child + 5 Prizes of a 3 mo FREE subscription #KidloLand #giveaway

    KidloLand has got to be one of the best apps I’ve seen for children, smaller or the ones that have a learning disability.  Either way, it’s great!  There are so many nursery rhymes and songs.  There are interactive games and educational things for them to learn from. There are more than I can count on what this beholds.  From every educational type of thing that I can think of, including: Counting Letters Rhyming Music Connecting the dots Animals Automobiles Fruits  and so much more. I can also tell you that they will learn Christmas songs too. I think what I like the most about this app is that it is perfect…

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    Phil Wickham’s CHILDREN OF GOD Newest Release #ChildrenOfGod #FlyBy

    The newest release of “Children of God” by Phil Wickham is a great new reason to rejoice.  To help you understand what the shouting is all about, I’m going to share some of the music videos with this post.  I’ll even tell you where to get the album, where to hear samples of the album and more.  Just keep reading for all of the wonderful information that is coming. Phil Wickham has really maintained the feeling that you get when you watch God’s Not Dead.  Some of the music takes me  back to the day that I actually got to watch it in theaters with my daughter.  The music really…

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