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    Baby Wrap / Sling Carrier

    Image borrowed from sponsor to use in post. This “Baby Wrap” is wide, not like most.  I’ve seen quite a few that aren’t wide enough to literally hold the baby as it should.  They slide around, where this one does not.  It’s long enough to actually fit around a person that is an 3XL in size.  That says a whole lot.  I’ve tested out three different ones and this is the first one that has been long enough to fit around me.  After having six children, losing weight is an issue.  That means finding items that would benefit my baby is a real huge task.  (Pun intended.) I love the…

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    Savings on “CozyWinters”

    If you’re looking for saving or free shipping on winter comfort, then you have got to check this out!  It’s a way to find great deals on CozyWinters.  When you click to check out those deals, you’ll realize that it shows you different sites that you can go through.  When you look, it will show you which sites offers the best deals.  Right now, it’s showing that the best deal is through a site that is offering a $10 bonus! Spread the love         

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    Updated: “Gwen Stefani: This is What the Truth Feels Like” #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike #GwenO2O

    Gwen Stefani: That is What the Truth Feels Like I have to say that this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed listening to an entire album without having to fast forward it or turning off slow songs.  I’m not one for love songs that drag with their beats.  I love things that I can move to and enjoy the music without feeling down or dragging through the whole thing. Gwen has outdone herself on this album.  It’s full of upbeat moods and the music is great!  It has a new Gwen feeling to it.  She’s done well with this album. The new album was released on the 18th of…

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    Looking for High School Class Rings?

    After graduating without getting a class ring, I have always wanted to find a way to obtain my high school class ring.  I’ve been searching and finally found my answer. You see, in 1997 I didn’t get the chance to get my class ring and it has been something that I’ve never let go of.  I can tell you that if you graduated and never got your class ring, you’re more than likely in the same boat.  That feeling of something you should have done and never done, now it eats at you. Well, when searching, I came across high school class rings – joyjewelers.com.   It’s one of the sites that…

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    Ultimate Guide to Drawer Slides

    I had often wondered about the guides used when you open a drawer, how it stays on a track.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I thought that it would be neat to learn that and a bit more on the topic.  When it comes to these things, I’m like a geek.  I have to know the science to figure it all out.  Every parent needs to when they have little boys in the house and need to learn how to actually put things back together when they take them apart.  So, I’m sharing this with all of you out there.  Learn more here. Borrowed from Ultimate…

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