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    Quilted water proof pads for beds, adult sized! #WeareverUS

    This is a reusable water proof pad that is used on a bed for adults or even smaller children.  It works well and keeps the furniture or mattress dry from any accidents that might happen due to weak bladders or not being potty trained yet.  Even leaky diapers are no match for this! It’s quilted on one side to help with absorbing any spilled liquids or accidental leakage and not allowing it to spread over to much of the pad.  The other side is covered with a water proof type of fabric that keeps it in place and keeps it from leaking through. The two pieces are sown together with…

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    Chuck Yeager Goes Supersonic by Alan W. Biermann

    For the first time that I’ve ever seen for it to be done, this is a children’s book based on a true story.  Chuck Yeager Goes Supersonic is written by Alan W. Biermann is actually a story about a man that was raised to be trained to help his dad in the gas fields.  Eventually he decided to sign up for the Army.  While in the Army he trained as a pilot.   This goes to tell the whole military experience of one very dedicated pilot that got to fly all the types of planes that were being tried out and even the first person to literally fly faster than…

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