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    LifebankUSA “Peace of Mind Contest”

    As parents we all worry about having the right things in line for when our children are growing up and how things are done for their care and for their benefits.  “LifebankUSA” is one of the things that we would consider for them to need in life for a health crisis or even for one of their siblings in case of stem cells. Right now, “LifebankUSA” are holding a Facebook contest for all to enter.  The monitors that they are giving away are very unique and would be something I would certainly love to have for my soon to be little bundle, Logan.  They are the perfect thing for keeping…

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    Update on blog stats. High Risk Pregnancy for Author Lia Burres

    As most of you know, from a while back, I had moved this blog to a new hosting and with a unique URL.  Well, financial issues has made me to decide to move it back to this blog. With this said, I’ll be posting updates on the blog for things like free stuff, great deals, a few items that I think are unique, recipes and things like that.  It will be random things and things that I enjoy or find fascinating.  It will remain that way until after the birth of my sixth child, which is high risk and I’m having many medial issues with.  It will be the same…

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